Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sandwich, anyone?

My two-year-old wanted me to share her latest recipe with you all.  Having two children who are gluten-intolerant, we hadn't fed her gluten until she was old enough to be able to tell us if her tummy or head hurts, etc.  We recently tried her with wheat, and it seems that she does fine with it.  

So she recently had bread for the first time ever.  She LOVES it!!  She also had Cheerios for the first time ever.  She LOVES them!  If they're so good apart, she must have figured they'd be even better together.  Hence, the birth of the Cheerios sandwich.  Warning--this recipe is NOT gluten-free!!

Take one slice of whole wheat bread and a handful of dry Cheerios.  Mash the Cheerios really well into the bread--they don't fall off as easily.  Promptly lick off any Cheerios that stick to your hands instead of the bread.  Then fold the bread in half to help them stay in even better.  Now enjoy!!

I must admit that I haven't tried this recipe for myself.  Based on the relish with which she scarfed down this sandwich, it must have been pretty good.  In her own words, it was "yummy in mine's tummy."

What fun recipes have your little ones tried?
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  1. Honestly, I can't blame her. If I could eat gluten I would try this recipe in a minute. I have a BIG box of Cheerios that somebody gave me that the kids won't eat(I don't let them add sugar) and I just might bring them to you. I hate to see tasty Cheerios go to waste and I desperately want to eat them...with bananas!