Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day ever!!!  It started out a couple of days before, really.  My wonderfully hubby built a gorgeous "roof" over our back deck, which faces due west (it's not a full roof, but spaced wood slats.  It's GORGEOUS!!!).  Then he bought me some flowers and hanging tomatoes and strawberries to put out there.  Aren't these giant impatiens beautiful?

But the best part came on Mother's Day itself.  I've spoken before about how my grandmother has Alzheimer's.  She knows the various members of our family are her people, but gets very confused about which people we are.  For example, the last time my sister visited her, she was convinced my sister was my dad's cousin's wife (did you follow that?).  But when I walked in on Mother's Day, she looked right at me, broke out in a large smile, and said, "Why, there's Nellie!!"  (My grandma has called me Nellie my whole life.)  It was such a joy to hear those words!!!  She did great through my whole visit with her, even though she couldn't even remember the names of other residents she lives there with and sees all day, every day.  It was such a blessing.  I got this picture of her and I to forever stamp this day into my mind and heart.

I hope your Mother's Day was just as blessed!
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