Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Great Clothing Purge

I'm forever trying to get my house organized.  It's way easier said than done.  Especially when you have 8 people living in one house.

We are very blessed.  Very, very, abundantly blessed.  We actually have an over-abundance in some areas.  Like toys.  Maybe that will be my next big project.  Today, it's clothes.

I have way too many clothes in this house.  I have clothes in every size.  Clothes for every season.  Clothes for both genders.  Maternity clothes.  Skinny-I-hope-to-one-day-fit-into-you-again clothes.  In-between-I'm-not-pregnant-but-I'm-still-holding-on-to-way-too-much-baby-fat-and-I'm-really-craving-cinnamon-rolls-and-going-to-give-in-but-I'll-blame-it-on-the-baby clothes.  But limited storage space.  The end result is not pretty.  Especially when you start pulling clothes out of everywhere because you're trying to look for one swimsuit that you know is somewhere, but apparently when you put it away, you thought it was size 5 instead of 6 mo.  So you looked in nearly every other bin before the size 5 one.  Easy mistake to make, right?

But once you have all of those bins pulled out, your classroom looks something like this:

And this:

And your laundry room looks like this:

And this:

So I've started purging.  Would you believe that I had 15 footie jammies size 6-12 months?  FIFTEEN!?!?!?!?!?  Now, I love seeing my babies in footie jammies.  But do they really need a whole drawer of them?

So the LifeCare Center is going to have a huge donation.  Some things will be given away on Freecycle.  Others have seen better days and are ready for the garbage.

Maybe, once I have everything nicely finished and put away, I'll actually have some empty bins!!  Maybe I'll post some after pictures.

Then, it's on to the toys...
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