Monday, April 2, 2012

Star Wars T-Shirts

A friend of mine, knowing my love for all things Star Wars, recently introduced me to Etsy Shop mi cielo.  More specifically, the Star Wars (aka "Sewing Wars") shirts at me cielo.  They are SUPER adorable, and I knew that all my kids would want one (and who am I kidding?  I want one, too!!)  But we're on a limited budget, and we're a family of 8, so I couldn't buy one for everybody.  So I decided to make them myself.

I started by letting each of the kids pick which character they wanted.  My seven-year-old son wants all of them, of course, but chose to start with Boba Fett.  I though this was a great choice, since he's also one of my favorites!!  I mean, how awesome can a guy get?

Anyway, I then free-handed a picture of the character.

(My son insisted that Boba Fett wouldn't be Boba Fett without the scope on his gun.  I guess the ridiculously large head, rounded limbs, and lack of digits don't detract from the coolness that is Boba Fett like the lack of a scope would.  Who can argue with that kind of logic?)  

I then cut all the various parts out of felt and reassembled them.  

Next I'll glue them in place and stitch them together.  I bought solid colored t-shirts at Wal-Mart today for $2-$3 each.  I'll topstitch each character down to their appropriate shirts, and they'll be done!!  The drawing and cutting only took about 1.5 hours.  I don't anticipate the sewing to take too long, either.

ETA:  It's all done!!  See the finished product here.

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  1. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!