Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Toddler Pants from an Old T-Shirt

This was one of my simplest projects EVER!!  I got the idea one time from somewhere, but I can't remember where.  So sorry I can't give credit where credit is due.

My 2-year-old is severely allergic to latex, so I can't use any pants or shorts on her that have latex-containing elastic in the waistband (or spandex throughout).  So I decided to make her some pants and shorts, using latex-free elastic.  Didn't these come out cute (if you ignore all the wrinkles!!)?

They were super fast and easy to make, using a t-shirt my hubby had given me that he no longer wears (in the picture above, I used the white t-shirt below).

There's no hemming or anything for these pants, because the t-shirt is already hemmed for you!  

Ok, I had typed out instructions for this, but I hadn't taken pictures of all the steps.  To make things a LOT easier for you, I found the following video on How to Make:

Go make some easy pants!!!  =)

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