Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to treat the flu

My kids have the flu.  It is no fun at all.  They look and feel horrible.

You can always tell my kids are sick by looking at their eyes.  

So we've been trying to make them feel better and help them get over it more quickly.  Some things we do are making sure they get their vitamins (particularly D and C) and giving them elderberry.

When they actually feel like eating something but they still don't feel like leaving the couch, pouches of applesauce have been wonderful!  Easy on the tummy, and easy to eat without the mess!

Of course, handwashing is a MUST!!  Especially when I'm dealing with several sick kids, while still caring for and feeding a newborn.  There are also various herbs, essential oils, etc. people like to use.  I try to stay away from medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, unless the fever gets really high (my daughter pictured above was running 104* yesterday afternoon), or if they're in a lot of pain (her head and body were aching horribly).  I prefer to let a lower fever burn as much as possible.

What are your tips and tricks for treating the flu?

What are your best tips and tricks for treating kids who are sick with the flu?

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  1. Poor little thing looks so terrible! I hope everyone feels better soon! My only tip is to make soup and then let them eat it out of a coffee cup. My toddler wont eat when she is sick so thats how I trick her into it. She thinks its fun