Friday, March 16, 2012

Upcoming projects

We are still fighting the flu in our house.  Yes, it's been a week-and-half.  But when there are 8 people it can potentially work its way through, it can take a while.  As a result, I haven't gotten much work done on any projects.  But I have several lined up.

The weather's getting warmer here, and my daughter with the severe latex allergy needs some latex-free lightweight pants and shorts.  A while back, my hubby went through his closet and culled a bunch of clothes.  Among them are several good t-shirts that I plan to turn into shorts and pants for her, using latex-free elastic for the waistbands.  If you cut them out using the bottom hem of the shirt as the bottom of the pant legs, no additional hemming is required!!

I recently saw this adorable thimble necklace on The Wind and the Sail.  So I bought some thimbles and all sorts of cute pins to make my own.

My oldest daughter's birthday is nearly upon us, and we'll be giving her the sewing machine we bought for her.  I'll be delving back into the world of making pillows, simple aprons, etc.  You know, all those learning-to-sew-in-home-ec type of projects.  =)

I also have my very first giveaway coming up next month!!

So stay tuned for all sorts of fun!
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