Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nine-Year-Old's Craft

My oldest daughter turned NINE the other day!!  *gasp*  Time goes by soooooo quickly!!

For her birthday we gave her a sewing machine...

...and a small sewing kit...

...and a Star Wars Ahsoka figure and a lightsaber--because every girl NEEDS a lightsaber!!

Anyway, she's really been wanting to learn how to sew.  I told her she'd need to learn how to sew by hand first, then we'd move on to the sewing machine.  So yesterday I got some fabric squares left over from another project and started with the basic project for her:  a small pillow for her dolls.  She chose a different fabric for each side, and we got started.

I really wish I would've gotten pictures of the stitches she did!  I did the first two stitches to show her what to do, what size to make them, and how far apart they should be.  She did all the rest.  She was quick and did AWESOME!!!!  I was sooooooo impressed.  And she didn't even draw any blood.  =)

She stuffed it with some jersey fabric scraps.  I showed her how to do a hidden stitch and she closed it up like a pro.  Now Josephine can sleep comfortably with a little pillow of her very own:

I'm so excited to be getting started on the next generation of sewers.  And now my 7-year-old son wants to get started learning, too!  WOO HOO!!!

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