Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick Tip #6--Easing "Growing Pains"

My kids often wake up at night complaining of "growing pains" in their knees.  I've read that these aren't actually growing pains at all, but are some kind of muscle or ligament pain, but no matter what they are, it's very unpleasant.  I don't like giving my kids any kind of medication unless it's medically necessary, so I set out to find a remedy other than over-the-counter pain medicines.

I've found the perfect treatment for it.  We have several heat socks--you know, those long, skinny things full of dry rice or corn that you can throw into the microwave to heat it.  I also have a medium-sized teddy bear full of herbs that can be thrown into the microwave.

I heat the sock or bear in the microwave--typically only for a minute, so they're not too hot for the kids.  I then have the child lay on their back.  If I'm using one of the socks, I tuck a small pillow under their knees and lay the sock on top of that.  If I'm using the bear, it's thick enough that it elevates their knees on its own.  The key seems to be the combination of heat and elevation.  It eases the pain enough that the child is able to go back to sleep.  (Though some nights we have to get up and reheat the sock/bear a few times through the night--3x last night for my 6-year-old son.)

This has really helped us and our children.  I hope it helps you all, too!

Have you come up with any other methods to help with "growing pains?"  Please share! Pin It

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