Monday, November 14, 2011

Horrible Week

This past week has been a rough one.  My oldest and youngest both caught a bug that their cousin had as well.  My oldest weathered it well.  My youngest, well, after a great spring and summer giving me high hopes that she had outgrown her reactive airway disease, we had to break the nebulizer back out.  And she hasn't even reached the bad respiratory phase of this illness yet.

Here's how it goes.  You get a sore throat, along with a fever, for a couple of days.  Then you seem fine for a couple of days.  Then it goes to the lungs.  My niece ran a very low-grade fever at first, and ended up with walking pneumonia by the end of it (she has asthma).  My oldest ran middle range, 100*-101*. Once she hit the respiratory phase, she's simply had a cough.  Her lungs are nice and clear.  My youngest ran a blazing 104.4* at its highest.  She had a hard time breathing all through the fever, getting breathing treatments every 4 hours.  We're praying God just protects her from having the next phase of this virus completely.

She has a birthday coming up.  Her main gift is a pulse-ox.  I didn't have one last year, and it was torture.  We were in urgent care and the doctor's office several times, and she was hospitalized twice.  Had I had a pulse-oximeter, maybe we could have saved ourselves a couple of those visits, saving her exposure to other viruses.

It's amazing how much we take for granted in this life.  Like breathing.  I take breathing completely for granted--until my 1-year-old can't.

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