Saturday, June 30, 2012


Some things are more challenging than others when you have a large family.  One of those challenges is cups.  So many times a day you hear, "Which cup is mine?"  Or "Where did my cup go?"  Or "Who moved my cup?"  Or "Can I get a new cup?"  My youngest is too young to worry about cups yet, but when you take my 5 other children and have them use 2-3 cups in a day, that's 10-15 cups in one day-- just for the kids!

Then I heard about Drinkbands.  They are silicone bands (no latex!  YAY!!!!), come in packs of 9 gorgeous colors, and help everybody keep track of their cup.

(In case you're wondering, yes, those are Polaner All-Fruit jars we use as glasses.  They make PERFECT drinking glasses--especially for the kids.  They're a nice, strong glass, they don't break easily, and if they were to break, they are abundant.  The little ones are the perfect size for the littles, and the large ones are even a good size for adults.)  =)

Drink bands also add a grip so that the glass isn't slick, even when wet.  Plus, the kids had fun choosing their colors.  Right now, the glasses go on the counter in between meals.  This weekend, my hubby is going to build a rack we can set them in so that they're not easily tipped.  (If you haven't seen his handiwork, check out my hanging fruit basket he built for me on a whim.)

To make things even simpler, Drinkbands can stay on the glasses and go right into the dishwasher!!  We ordered one package of the small size, but I think we'll soon be ordering a package of the large size, as well. 

I know I'm sounding like a commercial, but I'm not trying to.  Drinkbands doesn't even know that I'm writing this blog post.  I just like passing on the word about products I really like.  My life is busy and chaotic enough.  Anything that helps to streamline things and make it easier is a bonus.  Drinkbands are a big bonus around here!  

What new products have you tried and wonder how you lived without?
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