Monday, June 25, 2012

Hanging Fruit Basket

With a family of eight, we go through a LOT of fruit.  The problem is where to keep it.  I have a large, leaf-shaped bowl, but it's nowhere near large enough to hold all of our produce.  So our counter usually looks like this:

As you can imagine, I was quite tired of this.  We have very limited counter space, and this reduced it even more.  We talked about getting a tiered fruit bowl, but this still doesn't solve the problem of using too much counter space.  

So my wonderful hubby took a look at it and realized that while we don't have a lot of usable space on the counters, we have a lot of space going to waste above the counters.  There's a lot of open space between the cutting board and the bottom of the cabinet here.

So my AWESOME Mr. Man took some measurements, cut some wood, stained the wood to match my cabinets, and stapled on some chicken wire.  After it was dry, he attached it to the underneath of the cabinet.

This easily holds all the fruit that was spread out all over the counters, with plenty of room for more!!

So simple, so easy, so fast, so practical, and so gorgeous!!  And this didn't cost us a cent.  He used wood scraps that we already had, chicken wire scraps we already had, and wood stain that we already had.  I LOVE it!!

Where do you keep all of your produce?
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  1. Oh my gosh! That is great! We are always looking for a good place to put our fruit. This is such a good idea! Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at 8pm MDT for this week's party! :) -The Sisters