Monday, January 2, 2012

So, I've taken up knitting...

...because, you know, I didn't have enough projects and hobbies already sitting around waiting for me.  =)  The problem is, when you're on fairly strict bed rest, there's only so much you can do.  I can't sit at my sewing machine.  I can't stand at the stove (not that cooking is one of my hobbies--I don't really like to cook, to be honest.  But I LOVE to eat!!), and I've already made a gazillion hair clips and head bands.

I'm the type of person who has a busy brain and busy hands.  I can't stand for both not to be working at once.  I can't watch a movie or listen to a podcast without doing something with my hands.  And I can't make hair clips or sew without listening to a podcast or watching a movie or something.

I LOVE reading, but I can only do that for so many weeks straight.  Same with movies and making hair clips.  So I needed something new.  So last night, I found a few sites online that had free videos teaching knitting.  My wonderful Mr. Man ran out to the store and bought me the needles and yarn I wanted.  And now I'm knitting.

If I manage to keep this baby in for another few weeks (which is highly doubtful), I'll probably get tired of this, too.  So if you have any other ideas of projects I can do while laying on the couch, feel free to pass on the ideas!  Meanwhile, I'll post pictures of this project once it's finished.  It's going to be a blanket, but we'll see if it'll end up big enough for the new baby or one of the girls' dolls.  =)
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  1. Hats are really easy and fast. I knit them on circular needles.