Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Three Kings' Day!!

Three Kings' Day is one of those holidays brought into our family from my Puerto Rican background, celebrating the wise men's arrival to visit baby Jesus (yes, we know they were wise men, not kings, and that nobody knows how many there were, but it's still called Three Kings' Day.  We also don't know when they arrived to visit Jesus.  And if you ask any Puerto Rican, they'll even tell you what their names supposedly were, as well as what they looked like.  Not exactly scriptural, I know.).

 On the evening of January 5th, we take the kids outside to gather up grass into bowls or shoeboxes.  We also fill a bowl with water.  The grass and water are put under the tree for the wise men's camels.  They "arrive" during the night, the camels eat the grass and drink the water (aka mama and daddy throwing the grass and water out into the yard), and in return, the wise men thank the kids by leaving gifts.

This year was a little messed up for us.  I normally have my tree up until January 6, but we had already taken ours down to make room for the baby swing.  The kids' small trees were still in their rooms, so we brought one of those out to the living room Thursday night.  Also, we didn't yet have any gifts for the kids.  Whoops!  Being on bed rest has thrown a huge wrench into...well...everything!  Life in general!

Nothing like saving things to the last minute and improvising!  Anyway, I ended up throwing fruit snacks and Starburst candies under the tree.  Our kids very rarely get candy, so this was a special treat.  They were so excited, and it was a success!

I hope you all had a wonderful Three Kings' Day, too!! Pin It

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