Friday, January 20, 2012

Nut-Butter "Bread" -- Gluten Free

An acquaintance gave me a recipe for a gluten-free "bread" made with only 4 ingredients:  nut butter, eggs, salt, and baking soda.

I thought to myself, "This lady MUST have left an ingredient out somewhere--like flour?--or else she's crazy."  But I guess I'm crazy, too, because I decided to try it anyway.

You first blend the ingredients in a blender (recipe with amounts at the bottom of this post), then you spread it in a pan.  I lined mine with parchment paper, and it worked nicely.  I used an 8x8 glass pan.  The mixture is a thick paste.

You then bake it.  

Somehow, by some miracle, this thick, gooey, nut-butter paste rises and turns into bread!  Here it is sliced.

It's actually light and fluffy!!

I then topped it with apricot All-Fruit and tasted it.

It was actually good!!  All the kids devoured it and were asking for more.  

The lady who told me about it said that you can also add squash, applesauce, nuts, raisins, etc, and it still rises well.  I think that next time I will either add applesauce, honey, or use a sweetened nut butter.  I used a natural one, so the bread itself wasn't sweet at all.

Anyway, this was a very successful experiment!!  If you add something different and it turns out great (or awful, for that matter), be sure to let me know!!

Here's the original recipe:

1 cup nut butter
4 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda

Blend all ingredients in a blender and spread into a small greased or parchment paper-lined pan and bake at 350* until done.  (I baked it for 25 minutes in my 8x8 glass pan).

By the way, my hubby and I wanted to figure out how much this costs to make.  He bought a large jar of Peter Pan peanut butter at Wal-Mart (no HFCS, but still sweetened).  I only added in a couple of cents for the salt and baking soda, as we buy baking soda in bulk and it only uses 1/4 tsp salt in a batch.  The cost we came up with was $1.90 a batch.  Waaaaaaaaay cheaper than the gluten-free Udi's bread, and everybody in the family can eat this, including Little Love #5!!  And if you're the type who's avoiding grains, this is virtually all protein and is very filling!  You also don't need to put nut butter on the bread, since it's already made of it!

ETA:  I refrigerated the bit that was left overnight.  Today, it's just as soft and moist as it was yesterday.  YAY!!!

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  1. I am GF too and am totally going to try this out soon! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow! So easy I'm going to whip up a loaf tonight! It reminded me of my FAVORITE Peanut Butter Cookies...3 ingredients and so easy to remember.

    1 c Peanut Butter, 1 c Sugar & 2 eggs. That's it. Just blend together and bake on cookie sheet at 350 * for about 12-15 minutes. I can't figure out why anybody would use ever use flour when these are so easy and yummy.

    I like to refrigerate the dough for about 30 minutes before baking so they don't spread too much. You could do the criss-cross fork thing like "traditional" PB cookies, put the kiss in the middle, or just put them on as drop cookies. I've added chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, etc and they still turn out perfect.

    Hope you like them! Vanessa

  3. That is crazy! I am going to have to try this for sure, and pass it on to my sister in law (whose a celiac). Hey, aren't you supposed to be having a baby any day now? Take it easy! :)

  4. too bad it has nut butter in it. that makes everything yucky ;)

  5. Just tried it out - my house was divided. Although, with honey on it, it wasn't too bad. I think I'll try another batch with a ripe banana in it. You could mix in the honey before baking I think. Thanks for sharing!