Sunday, October 16, 2011

What do your counters say about you?

In many houses (like mine), counter space is prime real estate.  So anything consistently taking up precious square inches is either something I LOVE, or something I use a LOT.

One example of a love, which is also used nonstop, is my Longaberger mug tree.  My hubby's aunt sells Longaberger, and I once saw this mug tree in the catalog.  I fell in love with it immediately.  Not much later, I saw that they were about to discontinue it, and was saddened by it.  On my next birthday a few months later, his grandma gave it to me as my birthday gift!!

I also love my mugs hanging on it.  Each one has a story to tell.  I love that this mug tree holds so many LARGE mugs (we like mugs that hold at least 16 oz).  It also keeps them from filling up my few cabinets--another piece of prime real estate in my house.

Another thing on my counter all the time is my Blendtec.  It's also a well-used love.  We use it virtually every day to make green smoothies for the family.

I have another small countertop with outlets inside one of my pantries (thanks to my brilliant father-in-law).  On that counter--always plugged in and ready to go--are my microwave (not a love, but a gotta have) and coffee pot  (definitely a love!).

I also have a cutting board and a few decorative items, some seasonal, some not.

Other appliances are up in the pantry, ready to go when needed, but not plugged in all the time, such as my rice cooker.  Others, like my toaster oven, stay on a shelf in my laundry room until needed--typically, the further from the counter, the less used they are.

So, what takes up the prime real estate in your home?  What are your beloveds, and what are your simply-gotta-have-handies?
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