Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday Decor

I have a mirror with hooks hanging in my entryway, for guests to hang coats and jackets.  I've always had these hearts hanging from the hooks, saying "Bless our Home."  They're cute, but they're just not my style. I'm not big on hearts, country decor, or decorating in blue.  But they were given to me and I had nothing else to put there, so they've been hanging there for a long time.

I went to Michael's the other day, and brought these along.  My original intentions were to paint over them.  That would take care of the color issue, but doesn't change the fact that they're still hearts.  Then I saw a pack of 4 wood pumpkin cut-outs for $0.97!!

Today I sat down and started painting.  If you don't look too long or too closely, I think they turned out pretty cute!  

I then hot glued some twine to the backs and hung them on the hooks.  Cute, huh?  I'm debating whether I want to buy another pack just to have a fifth pumpkin on the middle hook.  Hmmmm....what do you think?

They also had other shapes!  I went ahead and picked up these for after Halloween.

With the Christmas ones, I think I'll let the kids paint them.  They'll have so much fun, and I'll have an excuse for the imperfect paint jobs.  =)  I love holiday decorating!!!

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