Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids' Crafts

When we were at Michaels last week, the kids were wanting one of everything (of course, I was wanting a few of everything, so I can't blame them!).  Kids LOVE crafting.  So my hubby was excited when he found some little wooden boxes and wooden wiggle animals for less than $2 each.  My girls each got a "treasure box," and my boys each chose a wiggle t-rex.  Then we came home to paint them (I unfortunately forgot to get a before picture).

It's fun to see the different painting techniques.  My 4-year-old eventually gets her completely dot at a time.

My main rule with the kids painting (other than to keep the paint where it belongs) is one color at a time.  We've had too many projects that all turned out a muddy brown.  The kids aren't very good at keeping individual wet paint colors separate from each other, and they all end up mixed into one, uniform, funky color.  So I've learned to do one color at a time, then we play or do school or whatever while that color dries before we come back to do the next color.   It also saves on paint, since they're less prone to want some of every color.

Here are the final results.  I think they turned out pretty good!  The castle and flower on the boxes were bought prepainted for $0.67 each.  Have I said lately how much I love Michaels?

It was an easy, cheap, super fun craft day! Pin It

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