Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Schedules

My chore system is constantly undergoing renovation.  With the number of people in this house, things can get out of hand quickly.  As the children get older and are able to do more, our expectations of them change.  Each child has their own chore chart (I'm working on making the little ones' charts out of pictures).

You can see here that some things are marked off.  As I said, this is ever-changing.  We see what works and what doesn't, and I can just change it on the computer and print out a new one whenever.

This is a VERY flexible schedule.  The times are very approximate.  The JOY part is important in two ways.  One, it's a big mantra around here to keep Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  Others should be treated with respect, etc.  Another thing is that every chore needs to be done with the proper attitude--a joyful one!!!  I don't want grumbling and snarky remarks.

If they do all their chores for that day correctly:  in a timely manner, done to my satisfaction, done with the correct attitude, they get a sticker on a piece of paper on their bedroom door.  They LOVE picking their stickers out of my big sticker box.  Each sticker gets them 15 minutes of iPod play, to be done with a timer and on their own time.

So far, this system is working out well--both for them and for us.  I don't have time to make sure everybody is on task every moment of the day.  I got tired of asking "Did you do..." just to hear "I forgot."  Now it's all on paper, so no forgetting.  All the charts are kept in a binder on the small counter beside our refrigerator.

There are also weekly chores they can choose from.  I'll tell about those in my next post.

How do you organize the chores in your house?
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