Sunday, August 7, 2011

Star Wars Bracelet

I'm a geek, my husband's a geek, and our kids are all geeks.  My poor kids certainly aren't "normal", but neither are my husband or I.  We both majored in sciences, and my kids love science--I homeschool, and we actually do two science curriculums every year, they're so science-hungry.

My sister-in-law asked us last year where she could get us a gift card to as a gift for the family.  Her other sister asked for a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese. (Chuck E. Cheese, with all the balloons, is a death trap for my latex-allergic Little Love #5--not that I mind a great excuse to never take my kids there.)  But when I told my sister-in-law that our whole family would love a gift card to Think Geek, she said that she really worries about my kids.  (By the way, it was way fun for all of us to decide what we wanted from Think Geek.  I LOVE that store!)

Anyway, I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan.  My kids are, too!  We've only let the oldest two watch only Episode I, but they ask a ton of questions.  They can tell you all about the ecology of Dagobah, they know that wookies live on Kashyyk, and they know that Darth Vader is Luke's father and Leia is his sister.  I guess there won't be the element of surprise when they ever get to watch the later movies, but I must admit that it's awfully fun to hear them spouting off facts and playing their Star Wars games "true-to-life," so to speak.

I had a large bin full of all sorts of Star Wars toys, games, etc--all unopened--that I finally decided to divvy up between my kids, nieces, and nephews.  They were all thrilled, and it was kind of nice to not have to store all of that stuff any more.  One thing I still had not given away or opened was an R2-D2 Lego pen.

 I finally opened it today just to find it has a rubber grip--not so good in a house where we try to eliminate all things rubber.

So that went in the garbage, but I still had all of these fun Legos Star Wars beads and an R2-D2.  (You know your pen is a good and fun one when it comes with instructions!)

I'm really big on repurposing things.  I don't like to throw perfectly good and fun stuff away!  So I decided that these beads would make a great bracelet.  Some elastic thread (latex-free, of course), some glass beads, and a drop of hot glue later, and I have this fun bracelet!

My 8-year-old is begging me to let her have it.  No way, Dearie.  This one's mine!  Complete with a bead that even says Star Wars.

Little R2 didn't make the cut for the bracelet.  My kids have been begging for another Legos R2 to play with (I'm suspecting they saw this pen in my bedroom and were just itching to get their little hands on it), so he became theirs to love and enjoy.

And just for fun, here's a drawing my six-year-old son did of Qui-Gon Jinn fighting a battle droid.

Gotta love it!

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  1. How cute and so ingenious! thanks for visiting and your nice comments.

  2. The Force is strong with your family!
    Geeks you are! :)

  3. This completely rocks. I would love for you to share it at my party.