Monday, August 15, 2011

Beaded Hair - Tutorial

My girls love having beads in their hair.  It makes them feel so fancy, and they like choosing what colors get put in and matching their outfits and dresses.

My mama has this really cool machine that puts the beads into the hair.

In a matter of about 2 seconds, it can do a whole line of them.

I, however, don't have one of those machines, so I do it the good old-fashioned way having nothing but beads, small silicone pony holders, and a bit of water.  

Start by deciding where on the head you want the beads, and separate a small strand of hair.

Make that strand into a braid.

Dip the tip of the braid into a cup of water, much like wetting the end of a thread to thread a needle.

Thread the beads on in the order you'd like.

Once you have the number and colors of beads you want, put a small, silicone pony-tail holder at the bottom.  If you have beads with larger holes, you may have to do a second pony over the top of the first to hold them on.

Then style the hair as you'd like.  Sometimes my girls want the hair pulled back with the beads hanging down.

Other times they want the beads pulled back, too.

They love it when the beads kind of circle their heads like a tiara.

The beads can be left in a long time.  They can be shampooed, slept on, and brushed around.

Have fun experimenting with placement of the beads, colors, and styles.  It literally takes mere minutes, and the girls love it!

What fun bead styles have you come up with?

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