Friday, August 12, 2011

Cute Kids' Underwear Revisited

I'm all done!!  I finally got the time made the time to finish Little Love # 5's latex-free underwear!!

For those of you who missed the first post about Little Fishies Undies by Fishsticks Designs, you can catch it here.  No, I'm not getting any kind of monetary compensation (or compensation of any kind, for that matter) for mentioning these, but I really, really love this pattern and I really, really love how these turned out.

I had one yard each of the blue, pink, and yellow, and I had half a yard of the print.  I was able to get a dozen pairs.  Had I planned ahead before cutting and figured out the best pattern layout, etc, I maybe could have gotten another pair or two out of my fabric.  But I got too eager to get started to take the time to plan like that, so an even dozen it is.

It took me two days to get them cut out, pinned, and sewn--of course, that's with about 500 interruptions from the kids.  Something about needing to eat and potty and other such trifles.  Seriously, don't they understand anything about priorities?  =)

Anyway, the skivvies are so bright and fun and cute, and she keeps trying to put them on and bringing them to me to put on her.  I took a break from cloth diapering recently to try to get caught up on my other laundry, and now she refuses to wear cloth diapers again.  So it looks like we'll be potty training sooner, rather than later.  I may actually have a few months completely diaper-free before the new baby comes--I haven't had that in more than 8 years!!  WOO HOO!!!

Any potty training tips for a toddler under two years old?
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  1. Love the undies!! How did PTing go?

  2. Thank you! Potty training is on hold for now. I tried one day and she wasn't ready, and now I'm on bed rest with my current pregnancy. So, we'll try again in a couple of months!

  3. Praise God for potty training. We have three daughters (2, 4, and 6 yrs. old) and one little one on the way. Our oldest was potty trained (including night time) by nine months of age, and our 2 and 4 yr. olds were potty trained by ten months of age. As soon as our children start to walk (all between 7 1/2 and 8 months) I had them start wearing underwear. You'll notice them doing the pee-pee dance and get use to them disappearing when it is time for #1 or 2. That is bathroom time. My daughters were good about telling us when they needed to go after an accident or two. (Keep stain remover spray bottles and old rags handy.) At nap time I had them sleep with a fold towel under them, but remember to take him/her to the bathroom before hand. At night we cut off drinks 1 hr. before bed and everyone has to brush teeth and potty before hand. I do take the little one and sit her on the poty seat before I go to sleep. (Have not had late night accidents.) Somehow your Mommie insight will kick in and you just know when they need to go. Oh! We purchase a potty seat to sit into the toilet seat. Easier to me so there is no potty to toilet transition. Also make bathroom kid friendly with a step so he /she can reach the sink to wash their hands or use to reach potty seat. Sorry so lengthy. I've potty trained my daughters and several other children while temporarily working at a daycare and as a private babysitter.