Friday, September 30, 2011

What a Week!

We had the most wonderful week!  We traveled 8 hours to visit some friends (of course, it took us longer than that with 5 littles and a pregnant Mama!).  Some other friends traveled much farther and met us there.

Between the three families, we had 18 children!  It was so much fun getting to see friends that we don't get to see often, and the kids were all so well-behaved and got along so perfectly.

We got back home last night, missing our friends but eager to sleep in our own beds.  Now my 3-year-old son keeps complaining that he has nobody to play with.  It's so hard having only four siblings.  =)

My hubby also learned (and became addicted to) the art of pen turning.

(I see a blog post on this in the near future.  I also see the purchase of a lathe.  Oh, the possibilities...)

Now that I'm no longer packing, preparing, traveling, or visiting friends, I'll be getting back to my crafting! I'm hoping to make Little Love #5's Halloween costume tomorrow.

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