Thursday, September 15, 2011

And he calls ME gross?!?!?

Ok, so we went shopping tonight, and I came home hungry (of course, I'm in my second trimester, so I'm always hungry).  I wanted a yummy late-evening snack.  I picked up some mac-and-cheese and tuna fish while at the store.  This is NOT normal fare in our house.  We don't buy much of anything in a box.  But the craving came over me, and I couldn't resist.

So, health detriments aside, you have Kraft Mac-n-cheese.  Can you say YUM?!?  Make it up and mix in a can of chunk light tuna.  Can you say SUPER YUM?!?!?  

But my hubby--who lacks the finer things in life, like decent tastebuds--says that I'm gross.  I finally convinced him to taste it once, and he did admit at that moment that it wasn't too bad.  He won't admit that now.  But he dares to call ME gross for eating something so delicious!!

Now, this is the man who is the king of all grossness when it comes to grabbing a snack.  He also came home from the store hungry.  Want to know what he grabbed for his late-evening snack?

That's right.  What you see there, folks, are some frozen sweet potato fries (also not normal fare in this house--he dug them out from the back of the freezer somewhere).  But did you catch that?  FROZEN!!  Not as in, "He pulled out some frozen sweet potato fries so that he could bake and eat them."  No, frozen as in, "HE'S EATING THEM FROZEN!!!!"  He also eats frozen hot dogs.

I love my Mr. Man with all of my being, but he sure is gross.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog looking to see if i was the only person on earth who eats frozen hot dogs. It was something I did ALL the time as a kid, and once in a blue moon I find myself eyeballing them in my freezer trying to suppress my inner oddball only to eventually cave and wonder why I stopped eating them that way.