Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fragrant Home

I LOVE to have my home smelling good.  Now that my daughter seems to have outgrown her asthma issues and fragrance sensitivities, I've been enjoying some fragrance again.

I think I've maybe said before how much I love my candle warmer.  I'm talking about one of those ones that you lower the large jar candle down into and it melts it without having to light the wick.  However, my brother (who is a firefighter) told me last week not to use it again.  He said that he has run calls where the candle's glass has shattered and the candle warmer started a fire.

He told me instead to use the wax warmers that uses a small lightbulb.  (I'm behind the times--you all probably already have one of these, right?)  So we went to Wal-Mart that night and bought one (ours is the Better Homes and Gardens brand).  It was a mere $12 for a small one.  Isn't it pretty?

You just turn on the bulb and put a wax cube in the top.  Here is an unmelted cube.

Not long after you put it in the dish at the top, it's melted.  This one little cube is enough fragrance for the whole upstairs of my house.

The wax cubes are only $2 for a six-pack, and there are a couple of brands.  We've had good results from both of these.  The center fragrance is called "Fireside," and so far, it's my favorite!!!

When you're turning your burner off, or if you just want to change fragrances, you can simply pour the wax back into the container to use again next time.

I'm so going to get another one of these for downstairs!!  I'm loving the fall fragrances right now.  What are your favorite fragrances in your home?

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  1. If you like this one you should try Scentsy! First I was a customer and I fell so in love with Scentsy product that I became a consultant! The Scentsy warmers are safer for children and pets because the wax melts at a much lower temperature than the Walmart little one can spill every bit of that wax on herself and it won't burn her! I've left my warmer on for weeks at a time and it still didn't burn. Even the warmer can be handled! :D
    Check out my website if you are interested!

  2. If you like these you should try Scentsy! First I was a Walmart customer like yourself and then I found Scentsy through a friend and I fell in love! So much so that I began to sell Scentsy myself! This is the best company! They stand behind their products 100%(which is something I can't say for Better Homes and Gardens Brand). I also have a little girl in my house and the best part of my Scentsy warmer is that(although I'd prefer she didn't) she can play in the wax ALL day and not burn herself! The melting point of Scentsy is much lower than any other brand so it never reached a point to burn you. I leave my warmers on, never turning them off, and it has yet to get hot enough to burn me or my daughter! If you are interested in testing one out please contact me!
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  3. Oh and I've had numerous customers who have tried both say that Scentsy fragrance lasts much longer and doesn't end up with that melted crayon smell after all the scent is gone! :D