Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Needing House Ideas

We're moving!!  No, not today, or tomorrow, or even next year, unfortunately.  We're moving in two years.  And I CAN'T WAIT!!  The country girl in me is dying to get back out to the country again.  To run through the fields and watch my kids run through the fields--not just because they're visiting my parents, but because it's our own land.  And now it is.  My parents are giving us a chunk of their land, and my kids will of course have their run of the entire thing.  Woods, ponds, creeks, fields...the same ones I ran through as a child.  Am I waxing nostalgic?  Why yes, yes I am.

Here's where our house will sit.

You can see the pole, where the electric is already run back here.  The house will nestle right up against the woods.

Here's one of the creeks back in the woods.  You can tell both the creek and the trees have suffered from this super hot and super dry summer.

Nobody's been out in the woods much since us kids left home.  There will be TONS of old, dead wood we can gather for a wood-burning stove or fireplace...

Here's the main fishing pond.  You can see that it, too, has suffered from this hot, dry summer.  We have plans to dig it out and connect it to the front fishing pond and make it one, large one.

This will be located out in front of the house.  Our driveway will skirt around it.

We have plans for dairy goats and chickens.  A large garden, too.  Sometimes 2 years seems like an eternity away.  Sometimes it seems like it's so close I don't have enough time to get ready for it!

I'm currently designing our dream home.  I need your help.  Please leave a comment with suggestions.  What do you hate about your house, that you'd change if you could?  What do you love about your house that you'd never want to live without?  If you have experience with dairy goats and chickens, what breeds are your favorites?  How did you design your coop/barn?  I want to know everything!!  =)


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  1. How nice is that! I don't know the first thing about house planing, but I'm sure it would be fun! Looks like you will have a great place.

  2. wow! so excited for you. We will be almost neighbors. Let me know if I can help.