Monday, August 13, 2012

Master Suite Progress

We've been working on doing brown paper flooring in our master bedroom and bath room.  It's coming along beautifully!  It's actually really fast, when you have the chance to work on it.  We're about halfway done, but have only worked on laying it 2 days.

Here it is before the polyurethane:

Here it is after:

I think it's gorgeous!  We need to hurry up and get it finished.  Then, we're going to build a pillar around that horrible metal pole pictured above, paint all the walls (still dark green in the room, dark gold in the bathroom), and get all the furniture back in place.


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  1. We did a brown Paper floor in my moms house. It was a high traffic area and did not wear as well as we hoped. The good thing is you can patch it really easy. Looks great.

  2. I am planning on trying this in my small bathroom! How many layers of polyurethane did you use? Did you use a "High Traffic" polyurethane. I know our bathroom can be pretty "high traffic". Also, how much coverage could you get out of a gallon can? I read one blog that the lady used the high traffic stuff, 10 layers, and it held up great. I'm hoping that wasn't the whole can ($50 a gallon)! If this works well, I plan on moving straight to the big bathroom.