Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Redo -- Laundry Room

Our house was owned by some very...let's say interesting people.  For those of you who haven't seen my previous redo posts, I've shown our upstairs bathroomentryway, and living room and kitchen.  The previous home owners had stickers hiding holes in the walls, contact paper instead of wall paper, and various other oddities.

One major oddity was the laundry room.  We have a finished basement, but for some reason, they didn't finish the laundry room.  I totally understand about wanting access to plumbing, electric, etc.  But you know how when you're a kid the basement can be a scary place?  You know it can be dark, dank, full of cobwebs, and who knows what else?  Yeah, our laundry room could have totally been the main feature in your basement nightmares.

That's the only picture we have of it.  Is it any wonder I didn't go all picture happy in that room?  *shudder*  But it was large, and I could see the potential.

It really, really needed some improvement.  First, we added more lighting.  It's amazing what a fluorescent light or two can do!  Then we added some drywall.  (My hubby still wanted easy access to electrical and plumbing, so we didn't finish the ceiling.)  There are no windows in there, and I wanted to bring some sunshine in, so I picked a really bright yellow for the walls (I know, they're more banana than sunshine.  Either way, it still makes me smile.)  There was a long counter on one wall in the kitchen, where we ended up building in the pantries, so we relocated that counter to the laundry room.  

We also added some shelves and hanging bars.  It's still not the most beautiful room in the house, but at least the kids aren't scared to take their dirty laundry down there.  =)

I'm thinking we need to bring the yellow down on the concrete, too.  We also need to paint the floor with some gray concrete paint.  But for now it's clean, bright, and functional.  I'm happy with it!
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