Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hair bows

My friend Brooke came over last night.  We had grand plans for a craft night.  She has a friend with a new baby that she wanted to make a collection of hair clips for.  I was going to make several myself, for my girls.  Or maybe knit a hat for Brooke's daughter (which I'm making today instead).

However, my hubby had also run to the store and bought me Breaking Dawn part 1 to watch (yes, I'm Team Edward).

So, we sat down and started chatting.  I was holding Little Love #6 (who wants to be held 24-7), and she started making some hair clips for my girls.  She had some cute Hello Kitty ribbon that she had used for her daughter, and she had plenty left for bows for my girls.

Brooke made 6 hair clips for my daughters.

As she was finishing the last of these, we turned the movie on, planning to watch while we worked.

However, the movie was a bit distracting.  We got nothing else done.  Whoops!!  Oh well.  We still had a lot of fun, and my girls got 6 adorable new bows!!!
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